Introducing the Open eClass platform

The Open eClass platform is an integrated Course Management System. It is the solution offered by the Greek University Network GUnet to support asynchronous eLearning services. Open eClass has been designed to enhance the learning process, it is distributed for free as an open-source software and is actively supported by GUnet. Its main goal lies in the integration and constructive use of the Internet and web technologies in the teaching and learning process.


The distribution of the first version (1.0) of the platform launched on 02.13.2003. This initial version was based on the open source platform Claroline. Ever since many new versions of the platform have been designed and developed. Therefore, today Open eClass constitutes a self-contained platform that bears little resemblance to its original source.
The Open eClass Journey
LATEST Version

2022: version 3.13

2021: version 3.10 |  3.11 | 3.12

2020: version 3.8 | version 3.9

2019: version 3.7

2017: version 3.5 | version 3.6

2016: version 3.4

2015: version 3.2 | version 3.3

2014: version 3.0 | version 3.1

Open eClass V. 2.0 - 2.11

2014: version 2.9 | version 2.10 | version 2.11

2013: version 2.7 | version 2.8

2012: version 2.5 | version 2.6

2011: version 2.4

2010: version 2.3

2009: version 2.2

2008: version 2.1

2007: version 2.0

gunet eclass v. 1.0 - 1.7

2007: version 1.7

2005: version 1.5 | version 1.6

2004: version 1.4

2003: version  1.0.1  | 1.0.2 | 1.3 | 1.3.1 

Features & Functionalities

Cross-browser compatibility

Open eClass is accessible via a web browser. The platform runs on the latest versions of all popular browsers.

Responsive user interface

The Open eClass platform contains a modern and responsive user interface that adapts to different hardware devices, from conventional desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Users can also access the Open eClass platform directly from their smartphone or tablet via the iOS and Android mobile apps.

eLearning standards compliance

The Open eClass platform is compliant with international standards (SCORM, IMSCP) ensuring the reusability, accessibility and durability of educational materials and the interoperability between learning management systems.

Course Development and Management
  • Distinct course categories: open courses, open enrolment courses and closed courses.
  • Backup: Safeguard the entire contents of the course in case of accidental deletion or corruption.
User administration
Distinct user roles: instructor, student, administrator, guest etc.
Educational Content Management
  • Documents: organize, store and distribute educational materials.
  • Multimedia: organize, store and embed video and audio files.
  • Glossary: define basic terms to support comprehension.
  • eBook: upload, manage and present eBooks in HTML format.
  • Links: add and organize resources from the web.
  • Learning Path: create a sequence of steps with independent learning objects
Information, Communication and Collaboration Tools
  • Announcements: an online announcement board.
  • Calendar: basic course events presented in a chronological order.
  • Messages: Message exchange between students and instructors.
  • Notifications: Alerts for course updates.
  • Forum: Unlimited asynchronous conversations.
  • Web-conference: real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Groups: online collaboration via a shared workspace and a private forum
  • Wiki: Collaborative writing
Assessment and feedback tools
  • Exercises: create assessment quizzes and online tests (multiple choice, true-false, cloze text and matching).
  • Assignments: Create, manage and grade online assignments.
  • Questionnaires: Create polls and surveys and receive feedback.
  • Grading book: Keep track of learners’ performance.
  • Attendance Book: Monitor who attends the course
  • Statistics: View course and user statistics, track learners’ participation and progress and create reports

Try it out!

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